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Why Netfork?

My name is Kroften and I am obviously an octopus. As you are probably aware, we are highly intelligent and agile creatures who use tools to solve problems. Netfork is all about solving meaningful tech challenges in an agile manner.

About Netfork

Netfork is a community of around 1000 software developers and one octopus who are capable of handling diverse tech challenges. They can help you by scaling up your current development team or creating a dedicated, fully cross-functional development team.


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The first thing they do is they jump on a call to introduce and see if everyone speaks the same language in terms of expectations, rates, professionalism and understand what your needs are.


Maybe you want to automate your business processes, want a reliable development partner or need a specific expertise, you can tell them.


Then, they use their expertise and experience to truly understand how they can help you in the best way possible.


When they are sure they truly understand the value they can bring, they check within their community for the best possible solution adapted to your needs and get back to you with a proposal.


Finally, they are ready to start the collaboration, maintaining maximum transparency and direct communication throughout this process, while adapting to the potential changes in your needs.


Netfork is an agile and value-driven community focused on delivering consistently in a transparent way, owning each step of the process.

Value driven

People at Netfork are constantly questioning every meeting, every decision, and every opinion in terms of the value it brings. They are obsessed, passionate, and freaks for value!


Every project follows the same overall procedure, but the approach is customized and designed to meet the unique needs of each collaboration!


They have a proactive approach and initiative to solve problems until they are actually solved. They have a sense of responsibility towards their partners and themselves!

Always agile

Netfork is an agile community. Every action needs to be consistent with the agile pillars. They are constantly adapting to the circumstances while also improving all internal processes.


They challenge decisions that they think are not quite good in an assertive manner. You can expect honest feedback about the product, codebase, etc.


Folks at Netfork are talking openly about their mistakes and won’t hide behind tech vocabulary. Just like all real professionals at their jobs, they like to have fun in the process.

What their partners have to say about Netfork

Need a team of developers or to scale an existing one? Maybe you need a tech solution to your business problem?

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