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Back view of male engineer drawing a mechanical prototype
Digital asset platform
Sticky is an online platform for creators, advertisers, and designers, helping them understand what their users see on a website using AI-enabled webcam technology.
Man ride-hailing
Ride-hailing platform
Kater was a Lyft and Uber alternative for British Columbia; a local ride-hailing solution. The whole system consisted of two separate mobile applications, one for drivers and one for passengers, as well as a back-office for system administrators.
Positive insurance broker handshaking with young couple
Enterprise-level web portal
AdInsure, an enterprise software solution providing support for business party management, agent and sales portal, policy administration, accounting, claims management, billing and collection and reinsurance.

Initial product grooming

We need to understand your vision well so we can deliver accurate product draft, estimates, and design. After that, we will design an optimal team of software developers for your need.



First, we start with an open conversation and collect all known product requirements. Then we analyze the needs, demands, and problems that a product should solve so we can consider the technical challenges and intended user interaction.


Creating the product draft

As at this time we have needed features in mind, so we organize design workshops to create the initial product structure. And based on that, we define the target audience for the product so we can create wireframes and basic user flows. In conclusion, a successful second step means that we have the defined scope of the MVP product in our hands.


Estimation and breakdown

After a rough scope is defined, we divide the project into User Stories (tasks), and define the initial technology stack. In addition, we estimate all user stories and prepare a detailed breakdown.


Proposal preparation

Finally, we define the target release date for the product, as well as the team that will deliver it, including project milestones, and complete project costs. So now that the project proposal is ready, we send it out and schedule a call for fine-tuning.

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