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Why Netfork Community?

We are here to change the status quo. Our community partners are carefully chosen. They help us support a wide range of technologies and provide services for our clients of high quality.

Our experience, capabilities, and infrastructure enable us to assume the role of a full-fledged technology partner for companies that are in need of one.


We are always in for long-lasting success, so we never compromise quality. The testing process is completely transparent and we benchmark quality on a week to week basis. Then we document results in simple reports that can be read and understood even by a non-technical person.

Technical Mastery

We bring to the table the experience and diverse expertise of our community. So we can build any web and mobile application. Further, we apply big data, blockchain, and AI technologies to solve any kind of challenge in an optimal way.

Cost Efficient

We continuously find opportunities for our customers to improve cost efficiency. So whether it is the team size, server configuration, product feature, or even a business process level innovation we will seize it with your approval.

Our Pricing

Hire a cross-functional team to deliver any kind of solution you may need.

Innovation Team

  • Shared team with code quality and architecture supervision
  • Budget-friendly, but with a flexible deadline
  • Mutual investment into continuous improvement
  • Complete code transparency

Core team

  • A fully dedicated and independent team
  • Managed solution delivery within time, cost and scope
  • Feature-based delivery and proactive maintenance
  • Complete code transparency and documentation
  • Consulting services

Outcome-based arrangement

  • Tailored pricing model
  • Project outcomes formulation
  • Full project lifecycle delivery
  • Risk-sharing

achieved goal

* Prices given above are averages, so it may vary depending on the project requirements, project duration, or needed skillsets.